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Offshore Private Wealth Management


Manage Your Wealth Offshore

First Nevis Trust Company has the offshore private wealth management services you need to protect your assets and secure your money. Our innovative banking partners are able to integrate private client asset management seamlessly with a reliable and efficient money transfer infrastructure.

Traditional methods of sending money abroad can be expensive, especially when you’re dealing with middlemen and manual paperwork. The good news is that First Nevis Trust Company provides quality offshore private wealth management services to provide faster, more efficient money transfers.

Open an Offshore Bank Account With Us

First Nevis Trust Company provides you with the ability to establish an offshore bank account to make managing your wealth that much easier and more rewarding. Some of the most common types of offshore bank accounts include savings accounts, credit, corporate administration, investment management accounts, and foreign exchange.

With an offshore bank account, you can take advantage of diversified wealth, higher interest rates, asset protection, higher returns on international investments, greater financial security, greater privacy, and greater convenience. As the number one choice for offshore private wealth management services, First Nevis Trust Company is there for you. We’re dedicated to providing quality customer service when you need it so you can feel confident knowing your assets and offshore finances are safe and secure.

Experienced Offshore Financial Services

Our team at First Nevis Trust Company has years of combined experience so you can guarantee that we have the knowledge and skill to protect your finances and make managing your assets offshore that much easier. Whether you’re just getting into offshore banking or you’ve been using offshore financial services for years and are simply looking to switch services, we’ve got you covered. First Nevis Trust Company can walk you through every step of the process.

To learn more about our offshore wealth management services or to schedule an appointment with us, contact First Nevis Trust Company. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our offshore private wealth management services.