Just two hundred miles Southeast of Puerto Rico, Nevis boasts some of the Caribbean’s best beaches, marine life, fine dining and world class hotels and inns. There are regional scheduled airlines that operate on a daily basis to Nevis or St. Kitts and provide access from Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Thomas and St. Croix which serve as major gateways from Europe and North America. International direct dialing 1 + 869 + 469 + four digits provide immediate telephone or facsimile contact.

Nevis offers an array of onshore and offshore business opportunities for financial institutions and investors seeking ways to increase their opportunities in the ever-changing global marketplace. These services are seen as a compatible and complementary addition to the island’s tourism industry.



It is becoming increasingly difficult in established offshore jurisdictions, where thousands of companies have been formed, to obtain the company name you want. As an emerging offshore jurisdiction, a wide choice of names is still available in Nevis.

A registered agent can find out from the registry whether a suggested name is available and, within minutes a name can be reserved.


Nevis values its well-earned reputation as a law-abiding and well-regulated jurisdiction, with a favourable business climate. Strict provisions have been enacted to guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive business records.

The Confidential Relationships Ordinance 1985 provides stringent penalties for the improper release of confidential information by private individuals and public officials.

There are no tax treaties between Nevis and any foreign country and, unlike many of its competitors, Nevis does not have agreements with any country to share fiscal information.


Governed by the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 1984, the NBC is equivalent to what is commonly known as the International Business Company (IBC).


Under the NBC, there is no need to disclose the particular objects for which the company is incorporated. The company’s records and its principal office may be located anywhere in the world. Corporate financial returns need not be filed in Nevis. No taxes are levied in Nevis on income, dividends or distributions of the company that are not earned on the island.

Shares can be in registered or bearer form. Those with par value may be denominated in any currency. A Managing Director, both individual and corporate, can be appointed to guide the company’s activities. Alternate or substitute directors may also be appointed.

Shareholders, directors and officers may be of any nationality and reside anywhere. They may also act by unanimous consent without a meeting. Nevis companies may amend the Articles of Incorporation, merge or consolidate with foreign or other Nevis corporations or file Articles of Dissolution. Any company formed in another jurisdiction may redomicile in Nevis.


  • Total confidentiality and anonymity; No requirement to disclose beneficial ownership; no requirement to file annual reports of a financial nature or otherwise; bearer shares permitted.
  • Full exemption from all forms of Nevis taxation
  • Simple and speedy Incorporation process. Facsimile filings are permitted.
  • No minimum capitalization requirement before commencing business. Complete freedom from currency regulations and exchange controls.
  • Inexpensive incorporation charges and annual maintenance fees.


Governed by the Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance 1995, the Nevis LLC is a business entity that provides an alternative to those who might consider using corporations or partnerships.


Management of LLC may be accomplished by the members or by managers designated by the members. The members of the LLC may be individuals or business entities of any nationality or domicile. On the other hand, single member LLCs are permitted. Members are not liable for obligations of the company and, if desired, members may assign their interests to other parties unless otherwise restricted.

The company’s records may be located anywhere in the world and no annual or other reports by members are required to be filed in Nevis. No taxes are levied in Nevis on assets or income originating outside of Nevis.

LLCs may have limited life. They may also amend their Articles of Organization, or merge or consolidate with other LLCs or other business entities. Redomiciliation of an LLC is permitted in Nevis.


  • The owners can participate in management without becoming personally liable for the company’s debts.
  • LLCs provide a mechanism by which managers can limit the authority of nonmanaging members.
  • There is no limitation on the number of members.
  • LLCs face no stock limitations and can issue preferred interests analogous to preferred stock corporations.
  • The ownership of the LLC has no limitations.


To form a company in Nevis, we require a completed Confidential Questionnaire, together with the information necessary to complete the filing requirements of the legislation.


The determination of fees for a company structure is based on both the complexity of the structure and the degree of responsibility assumed by the firm. Schedule of Costs are accessible from the firm’s website. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and expectations.