First Nevis’ Professional Fees for forming basic companies, including Nevis IBCs and Nevis LLCs are available on this website. The determination of our charges for other professional services is based both on the complexity of the structure and time spent and the degree of responsibility assumed by First Nevis Trust Company. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Formation fees include all formation costs, including production of initial minutes and Articles and Bylaws for companies and Trust Deed and Initial Trustee Minutes for trusts.

An annual management or administration fee will apply in the first (and subsequent) year(s) in addition to the formation costs and will appear separately on the client fee invoice.

The management or administration fee covers approximately 6 emails, faxes, letters and telephone calls not exceeding 5 minutes in length per year and any activity over and above this may be subject to additional charges on a time spent basis or as per specified activity fees.

First Nevis’ Professional Fees connected to the formation and any ongoing matters together with License Fees and Government of Nevis Fees are additional to any of the above.

If you are seeking more comprehensive services, please apply for further details of charges not shown on this website.