Located in the Leeward Islands, 200 miles South-East of Puerto Rico (1hr flight time), 1,000 miles South-East of Miami (3 hrs flight time), 1,700 miles from New York (4 hours flight time), 2,500 miles from Toronto (5 hours flight time) and 4,000 miles from London (8 hours flight time), Nevis boasts some of the Caribbean’s best beaches, marine life, fine dining and world class hotels and inns. The island has an area of approximately 36 square miles; total population of Nevis is estimated at approximately 12,000 (according to August 2006 data).

Nevis’ newly renovated Newcastle Airport can accommodate executive jets, 8 and 50 to 60-seater airplanes. There are regional scheduled airlines that offer frequent direct air services to Nevis or Saint Kitts and provide daily access from Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, Antigua, Saint Thomas and Saint Croix which serve as major gateways from Europe and North America. Nevis has a deep water port which handles cargo while the pier in Capital City Charlestown facilitates the burgeoning cruise industry.

Nevis has the state-of-the-art telecommunications network system that permits direct, smooth and prompt telephone, telex, facsimile, and Internet/e-mail communications throughout the world. International direct dialing +1 869 469 + four digits provides immediate telephone or facsimile contact. The domestic telephone system is based on inter-island links available via Eastern Caribbean Fiber Optic cable (with construction of enhanced wireless infrastructure launched in November 2004); international calls are carried by submarine cable or Intelsat. Courier services available include Federal Express, DHL and LIAT’s Quick-Pack service.

English is the official and commercial language of the Island. Nevis enjoys a literacy rate of 96%, one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere.