General Overview

Location Eastern Caribbean
Time zone Atlantic (GMT-04.00)
Population 13,000
Capital The Valley
Airport(s) Wallblake
Language English
Currency EC$ (Eastern Caribbean Dollar)
Political system English Parliamentary
Int. tel. code 264
Int. postal code AI-2640
Legal system Based on English common law
Centre’s expertise Offshore Finance & Administration


Personal Income tax None
Corporate income tax None
Exchange restrictions None
Tax Treaties None

Share capital

Permitted Currencies Any approved currency
Minimum authorised capital 1 unit of approved currency
Minimum share issue One

Type of entity

Shelf companies Permitted
Timescale for new entities Same day
Incorporation fees US$250
Annual fees US$200


Minimum number One
Residency requirements None
Corporate directors Yes
Meetings/frequency As required


Disclosure No
Bearer shares Permitted
Minimum number One
Public share registry No
Meetings/frequency Shareholder Request


Annual return Yes
Audit requirements None


Registered office Yes
Domicile issues None
Company naming restrictions Royal names, etc.